Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dealer Feature: DPC Marietta, Debbie Camp

Each month we feature our great dealers in our blog, to give a little background on them, how they got started at The Queen, and what trends they are seeing! Meet Debbie Camp, a dealer who has been at the Marietta Queen of Hearts for almost a year, and is located on East Bay Street, dealer code DPC. Visit her Facebook page DPC Queen of Hearts, to see all of her gorgeous items and Like her page to be updated on new arrivals!
A little over a year ago I retired from Delta Airlines after a 34-year career as a flight attendant. Everyone kept asking me, "So now what?" I really did not have any concrete plans to have another career. I enjoy volunteering, gardening, re-purposing things and thought, "hmmm, what can I do with those interests?" One day I was at the Queen in Alpharetta and I ran into a friend who has two booths there. She spoke very highly of the owners and the staff and suggested I might like to join the team. I began praying about it, and plugged away preparing for a booth to become available. In July I moved into the Marietta location on East Bay St.
Coincidentally, my inlaws were downsizing and planning to move into an assisted living. Their basement was full of vintage treasures. I got busy cleaning up, painting, and re-purposing items, and low and behold I had a plethora of furniture and fun treasures. They were both raised in Paulding County (West Cobb) on farms. They had furniture, tools, dishes, and garden accessories stored in their basement from their parent's homes. My husband would say,"You are not selling Mama's favorite yada yada!" Oh we had numerous discussions about those forgotten treasures. I must admit he and my son have been very supportive helping me repair and haul "Mama's treasures" and my husband has a workshop in our basement that has now become "ours" (and has created more discussions!)
I moved into my booth in Marietta on East Bay last July. It has been a "stepping out of the box" experience for me working in a retail setting. The creative part of having a booth is totally up my alley. I enjoy the hunt for vintage treasures as much as the re-purposing, and helping people find something they love. Yes, I have been known to go into dumpsters looking for old windows being discarded, and you fellow dumpster divers are probably nodding your heads. I have enjoyed going to auctions and estate sales collecting antiques and picking through vintage items - you never know who's trash might be someone's treasure.
Furniture has a great story to tell with it's finishes, lines, and character marks. I just like to add more to its story with my creative flair. Stop by and visit me at the Queen of Hearts in Marietta, dealer code DPC on E Bay St, and Like my page DPC Queen of Hearts! I'm always refreshing my booth and filling it with vintage treasures for your home. I'd love to help you find what you're looking for. - Debbie

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dealer Feature: Odds & Ends, Lesia Williams

Each month we feature our great dealers in our blog, to give a little background on them, how they got started at The Queen, and what trends they are seeing! Meet Lesia Williams, a dealer who has been at the Marietta Queen of Hearts for one and a half years, and is located on Meeting Street, dealer code ODDS. Visit her Facebook page Odds & Ends at Queen of Hearts, to see all of her gorgeous items and Like her page to be updated on new arrivals!

Being a small business is hard in today's retail climate. Being a tiny business is even harder. But at the Queen, sometimes tiny is better and can be a lot of fun! It's very fulfilling to purchase an item to resell and then have a customer buy it, leaving happy and satisfied. It makes me proud to make an item from scratch and have a customer take that home, or better yet give as a gift to a good friend or relative. I love to create and make items for Odds & Ends that others may want to own. I love to search out discards, rejects, and unwanteds to give them a new life. I am fulfilled and proud and get to do what I love. My tiny business lets me do all this. The Queen of Hearts makes it possible for me to have this tiny business, and those are the reasons I love being a dealer.

I became familiar with the Queen from selling vintage jewelry at the East Cobb location, then I was persuaded into becoming a dealer again by a friend. We partnered for a few months until she moved to an antique market closer to her home. Odds & Ends has become my tiny business to run and lots of decisions have to be made all the time, like what types of items to offer - as long as the quality is good, then I like to offer them. I also think it's important to offer a variety - new lines, as well as those that have a "vintage vibe." It's fun to see what works for my customers and what doesn't, and to bring in more of what they like.

I have spent most of my working life in the retail environment and enjoy talking to customers when I come in to add new items. Resale is a wonderful business, as you are reusing and repurposing items that might just be thrown out. Recycling is very important in our environment and I like to reuse instead of having to purchase a brand new item. What I love about the Queen is you can save money on quality items shopping here, it's not just a flea market or junk to sort through. The dealers care about the quality of items they bring in, and making them feel like brand new - we hope our customers feel this way also. My best advice to customers is to try to be a savvy shopper. Buy what you like and make sure it is of good quality and a design that suits you. I like the furniture items I sell to be sturdy, made well and have a stylish look, and am constantly changing and filling my booth.

Stop by and visit me at the Queen of Hearts in Marietta, dealer code ODDS on Meeting St, and Like my page Odds & Ends at Queen of Hearts! I'm always refreshing my booth and filling it with things like vintage jewelry, antiques, and modern items for your home. I'd love to help you find what you're looking for and give these recycled items a new home. - Lesia

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Modular Shelving: Feature on dealer SLAW, The Painted Hammer

The dealer-merchants at all three Queen of Hearts locations are overflowing with talent that goes beyond what they have in their booths. Some are skilled at locating must-have pieces in remote locations. Some are designers that anticipate what’s hot, shop often, find great deals, make alterations, and display finds in an irresistible way. Some make unique things, in all sizes, styles, and colors that can’t be found anywhere else. Some are amazing at appraising items like sports memorabilia, coins, china, and silver. If you ever want to find out about other services that our dealer-merchants offer, check it out here on our website.

At The Painted Hammer located on S Battery St in the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts (dealer code SLAW), the talent is shared between the co-owners, like a one-two punch. The designer, Audrey, has a dazzling imagination & finishing skills, and her partner Shane can make anything Audrey can sketch on a cocktail napkin. When they work together, it goes something like this:

Their booth in Alpharetta was in need of some serious shelving. Shane saw something on his wife’s Pinterest feed that looked like a good starting point. 

The one on Pinterest was made from salvaged pallet wood, and was meant to go against a wall. The booth needed something bigger, more grand, that could stand on it’s own. So they designed it, and Shane headed to the workshop. Several hours or days later, he showed Audrey a prototype.

Audrey loved it (and occasionally suggested tweaks), as Shane did final assembly. 

Audrey finished the piece, then they worked together to price it and add it to the booth on S. Battery St in the Alpharetta location.

Seems easy, right? For these two, it is as natural and necessary as breathing, but it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, trial and error, and experience to get to where they are now. However, now that they have arrived to this level of teamwork, refinement, and expertise, they are excited to make the final results available to you for purchase via their booth at the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts.

Make sure to follow the Queen on Pinterest to get inspired for your own DIY ideas. Or bring in something that you want to re-create that you found, and our staff and talented dealers can sure enough help you recreate it or show you how!

Next time you wander The Queen, remember Audrey & Shane at The Painted Hammer, and the many other amazing dealer-merchants. They certainly think of you when they call on their talents to fill their booth with the amazingness that is The Queen!

Like The Painted Hammer at to see more gorgeous finds!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dealer Feature: Romancing the Home, Cindy Collins

Each month we are featuring our great dealers in our blog, to give a little background on them, how they got started at The Queen, and what trends they are seeing! Meet Cindy Collins, a dealer who has been at the Buford Queen of Hearts for three years, and is located on Broad St, dealer code RHT1. Visit her Facebook page Romancing the Home at the Queen of Hearts, to see all of her gorgeous items and Like her to be updated on new arrivals!

As an interior designer, I always enjoyed the pursuit of “the look” as much as the finished project. Room by room, house by house, it was a quest...a quest to match client lifestyles and personalities with uniquely designed interiors. After years in the field, I took a long sabbatical to care for my seriously ill, teenaged daughter. After eight long years, a few trips to the Mayo Clinic, and the Grace of God, she got her life back and so did I.

I wasn’t sure how to get back into the game, but strangely enough, the game found me. I was asked by my church to join the building committee to advise and consult on our new three-story addition. Suddenly, I found myself entrenched in carpet and tile samples, paint chips, fabric swatches and 3,000 opinions. Serving on a church committee means three things. No pay, long hours and a tight budget (and did I mention 3,000 opinions?). Working under these conditions made me realize how much I enjoyed the pursuit (again) but this time, the challenge was finding the “look” and being frugal at the same time. It takes a lot more creativity to do more with less and I was loving it! As the church project neared completion, I was well on my way to becoming a dealer/merchant at Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors in Buford. I had a short stint with a partner, then expanded to two booths, and ultimately in my current location at the front of the store. 

Combining my experience as an interior designer and picker, I have found my passion for painting and repurposing furniture, creating that “one-of-a-kind find”. Often times, I paint furniture that some revere as blasphemy. Yes, I paint antiques. Is there a support group for this? “My name is Cindy and I paint antique furniture.” I also “saved” a lot of pieces that were so far gone, refinishing was out of the question, but a coat of paint breathed new life into it. Painting can transform furniture from the ordinary to the extraordinary and most assuredly making it unique. 


When asked what’s trending today in furnishings and design, my best answer is the “pursuit of unique”. Seek that one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Shop vintage and antique. Don’t be afraid to mix finishes, stained with painted, old with new. If you love it, that’s reason enough!

Visit me at the Queen of Hearts in Buford, dealer code RHT1 on Broad St, and Like my page Romancing the Home at the Queen of Hearts! I'd love to help you find the perfect piece for your home and help you find your "look." - Cindy

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Open House at the Queen of Hearts

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus…There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence… The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.”

In 1897, Francis P. Church wrote this infamous letter in response to a little girl’s question about the existence of Santa, one that is incredibly appropriate to share following the Queen of Hearts Holiday Open House events in Alpharetta, Buford and Marietta.

As a child, nothing quite compares to the magical enchantment of Christmas – the sights, sounds, snow, decorations, and the presents! The Queen’s Holiday Open House helped reveal that feeling again in "kids from 1 to 92." Maybe it was the chill in the air, Tom Ladow on the piano, or the wonderful refreshments and snacks from our dealers, but the store was full of laughter, smiles, and awe from customers as they paraded around marveling at the creativity displayed throughout the store.

There were lots of exciting trends this year at the Queen of Hearts Open House, that we will be sharing on our Facebook page. Expect this Christmas to use lots of great texture including burlap and barnwood, vintage ornaments and Christmas d├ęcor, and upcycled projects including handmade ornaments.

But one trend that stood out above all else, was the most traditional element of Christmas: Santa Claus

This amazing Santa can be found at BIRCH in Buford and could be used as a front door ornament or somewhere within the home as a festive accent.
These Santa’s were “high flying” and Santa’fabulous’!

Traditional, modern, or rustic? Doesn’t matter….there is a Santa out there just for you! Check out these great options from Appalachian Vintiques (LIVJC) in Buford!

As we begin this holiday season in full force, don’t let Christmas get away from you. Get your decorations and Christmas shopping complete, or we might just have to tell Santa!

Dealer RFE
Dealer DUST

This blog was written by dealer Jennifer Turner, of Appalachian Vintiques (LIVJC) on Court St in Buford - like her on Facebook to see all of her fabulous finds!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Family Ties & Butterscotch Pies: Guest Post from Appalachian Vintiques

As we approach the holidays, my mind wanders back to my grandparents' house in the holler of Western North Carolina in a town called Waynesville. At Thanksgiving especially, the house came alive with family, laughter, music, jokes, football, and the smell of turkey and homemade biscuits. And then there was my great grandmother’s delicious butterscotch pie that we ate on the "special occasion only" dishes on her mahogany table. I cherish these memories, but if I could change anything it would be to make those moments happen every day, not just once a year.

As I prepare for this year's Thanksgiving, I'm changing traditions. I'm investing in china, decor, and furniture that won’t be reserved for one day a year, but are timeless, quality pieces that I can enjoy every single day. I don’t want to lock up the "special occasion only" pieces because every day that I spend with my family is special.

At the Queen of Hearts in Buford, the ability to find quality pieces that remain timeless is an easy feat. Your most difficult task will be narrowing down the fantastic options. At my booth, Appalachian Vintiques, we specialize in high quality, primitive pieces found locally in Western North Carolina.

This fantastic buffet is made by Lexington and is made from a beautiful mahogany; it reminds me of one in my grandmother’s dining room and would make a beautiful accent for any of your family meals. The antique gilded mirror and the delicate stemware is traditional and classic.

Don’t let a small space prevent you from finding a timeless and functional piece that will be a great conversation starter. This fantastic dining table with four chairs, also found at Appalachian Vintiques, makes entertaining easy while practical.

Dealer SJ at the Buford location offers this exquisite dining room set with quality china pieces. Add a centerpiece like this and make your dining room festive year round.

Dealer SPCA in the Buford location offers this unique serving platter. Perfect for your Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham, but can be used year round - what about your next Superbowl party? This platter could hold enough wings to feed the team!

Dealer MNELW at the Buford location is offering this amazingly unique buffet. This classic French accent is sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering, and beautiful to admire when you are just eating dinner with your family.

I could post hundreds of photos from The Queen of Hearts in Buford. No matter what your style – traditional, modern, classic, romantic – there is something here for you. As you approach this holiday season, I hope that you will remember that people are what makes the moments special, not a date on the calendar. Whether it’s Sunday dinner after church with just your kids or entertaining your entire family for Christmas, choose pieces that you can create memories around that will last a lifetime. I will always remember my Nanny’s butterscotch pie...leave your family and friends with their own special memories.

Jennifer Turner is a dealer at the Buford Queen of Hearts and her booth is Appalachian Vintiques, dealer code LIVJC or VINTQ, located on Court St. Follow the link to like her on Facebook and see all her amazing finds!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Guest Post from HALO: Parisan Room Makeover Reveal!

Hello Queen readers! My name is Lori Hollaran and I am the owner of Halo Design & Interiors. I have a booth space (HALO) at the Queen of Hearts in Marietta and am located at the end of King Street. I am so happy to be able to share with you my second blog post for the Queen! If you happened to miss my first post, it was titled "Decorating with Doors". I had such a great time sharing my knowledge, creativity and custom design work that I could not wait to post again and am happy they wanted me back!

Besides spending endless hours painting, repurposing and revamping furniture for my booth space, I also have a full service interior design company. Needless to say, I am busy! It is quite rare when I actually have the time or the opportunity to redesign a space in my OWN home. Today, I am very excited to share with you my daughter's new Parisian themed bedroom. It is filled with easy DIY projects, thrift store find makeovers and many design ideas for mixing and balancing vintage pieces with new ones. Plus, the best part of it all is that many of these pieces or ideas can be found with items purchased from all of the three Queen of Hearts locations. Keep reading to see how it all came together!

Here is the before picture of her room. Super cute but very playful and youthful. She was turning 9 soon and I wanted her to have a room that she could grow into. As you can tell, I had already started to take things off the wall (almost a year and a half ago) with the intention of getting it done within a week. Ha Ha, who was I kidding? Life got busy and so another home project was put on hold!

Finally, after much patience on my daughter's part, I finished her room and LOVE how it all came together. Here is her new space... Parisian chic with touches of vintage glam!

I knew I wanted to use black, white and gray as the basic color palette but being it was for my 9 year old daughter, I knew I had to add a splash of color. So, with only 2 seconds of deliberations, PINK it was!! The entire room design was based around a canvas I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. (HINT - remember I love mixing new with the old ) Score!! You can see it here...

I always like to start decorating a space by figuring out the biggest pieces of furniture first. One of largest pieces in this room is her 10 drawer black dresser. Check out the before pic... not much character to it, huh?

Yep, she was an old, beat up vintage piece that I found. Amazing what a few coats of gloss black paint and a revamp of the hardware can do to a piece. Love it now. Pieces like this large dresser are SO easy to find at the Queen of Hearts. There are so many dealers just like me that find great vintage pieces that just need some TLC.

Here is a nightstand I found for $5. Yep, you read that right...FIVE BUCKS.

A few coats of white paint on the body and some black paint to the hardware and she is like brand spanking new!

The last big piece I was looking for was a vanity. I first thought that my daughter would need a desk, but then thought again. A vanity seemed to go better with her Paris theme. I looked for a few months for the perfect one and finally bought this one from a friend. I did not take a before pic (I think my memory is clogged from all the paint fumes I inhale!) But trust me, it was old and not in that great of condition. I do know it was from 1920's and was a dark cherry wood. It had one of those old trifold mirrors that came with it. I decided to continue the theme and paint it a gloss black. I opted not to use the mirror and instead found this one from TJ Maxx. Again mixing old with new is always a great balance. Then I changed the fabric on the stool to coordinate with one of her lamp shades and now she has an adorable place to admire herself. So many dealers at the Queen have vanity sets in their booths. You can find them in their original finish or some that have been painted like this one.

Next, I needed a headboard. At first, I was going to have my hubby construct one for me and then I remembered how readily available and plentiful old shutters are at the Queen. Check out the ones I found and re-purposed into my daughter's headboard. Super cute and very simple to do...just hinge the shutters together, that's it. A great first DIY project for anyone out there.

So, now that the basics of her room were complete, all that was needed were the accessories. Enter this sad and worn out piece of luggage and outdated rack. Yep, you guessed it, another Queen purchase for me. Gotta support my fellow consignors! Once I saw this I knew immediately what I wanted to use it for...a place to house all my daughters books.

After a few coats of gloss black paint, some stenciling and a new inside lining this is the end result...


No, I did not stencil the word "livers" on the top like my 9 year old daughter was convinced I did. It is "livres" which is french for books! I also added a cute luggage tag to make it look like she was a well traveled little girl. Now, I can honestly say that she loves going to choose a book to read each night . Makes it all worth it!

Windows are another great way to bring a vintage feel to any space. I found these 2 windows at one of the Queen of Hearts locations awhile back. They were exceptionally perfect for this project because they were not your traditional multi-paned windows. They only had two panes and I thought they had a more of a Paris apartment feel to them. They were originally white, so of course I painted them gloss black. My intention was to just hang them as is on the wall to resemble windows, but then I had the idea to repurpose them into picture frames. Check them out with these black and white family photos...makes me so happy my daughter wanted them on her bedroom wall.

Here are a few other accessories you could find in your hunt through one of the Queens locations...

Vintage perfume bottles, old cast iron lanterns and rusty old metal signs. I got lucky and found this replica of an old iron lamp post at Hobby Lobby. I know, Hobby Lobby rocks! I was walking to the checkout and saw it standing there in the aisle. Without even stopping or caring what the price was, I just scooped it up and carried it to the register. It was perfect. Again, I love finding new pieces that have a vintage feel to them. Funny thing is, that a few days later, I saw one similar for sale in the Marietta location!! I swear you can find just about anything you want at the Queen.

Lastly, I want to share this great black trunk at the end of my daughters bed. It could not be more perfect... adds beauty to the room with it great silver nailhead design while it serves as a great place to store all those things you don't want everyone to see. Trunks come in so many shapes, sizes and finishes. They are great when used as storage units and even better when repurposed into things like coffee tables. The possibilities are endless with these babies.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my daughter's new Parisian room as much as we enjoyed creating it! It was a long time coming and a lot of work but so worth it in the end. I love to lay with her on the bed and look around at all the different pieces she has and remember the journey each one took to get to where it is now. It is truly amazing what a creative mind, a little paint and some elbow grease can accomplish. Remember, a balanced mix of new and old is always a good design move. It can really bring a room together. Thanks again for reading and happy shopping!

Lori Hollaran  is a dealer at the Marietta Queen of Hearts and her booth is Halo Design & Interiors, dealer code HALO, located on King St. Follow the link to like her on Facebook and see all her amazing finds!