Sunday, February 22, 2015

Queen Dealer Spotlight: Fred Edwards of Golden Mortar Antiques (FE)

Each month we will be doing a blog about one of our dealer-merchants from each of our three stores that offers unique, one-of-a-kind antiques and merchandise for your home and garden. We have a lot of creative, savvy and talented dealers and we thought you would enjoy getting to know them!

Fred Edwards ( Dealer Code FE) has been a dealer for over 15 years in the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts. In fact, he was one of the original dealers when Jim and Stacey first opened the store.

He loves being at the Queen of Hearts because he enjoys the great job that the Queen does in promoting their stores, the great people that work at the Queen, and the good sales that he has had each year.

While most of the items in his booth are pharmacy related, he also carries old signs, framed advertising signs, primitives, coke items, and man cave items. He also has a display case up front with coins.

Fred says he enjoys selling coins because they usually bring back customers to purchase additional coins and many like to have their collections appraised.

Fred has been married to Carol for 54 years, has two daughters, and two granddaughters. He grew up in Indiana and went to Purdue University, graduating in the school of Pharmacy. He practiced Pharmacy for six years and then moved into management becoming President of a drug chain in Georgia called Reed Drugs. Later, he moved to Washington, DC to become Executive Vice President of Peoples Drugs. After retiring from Peoples, he has consulted to small independent drug stores who need help in competing with larger businesses.

Besides collecting and appraising coins and antiques, he enjoys fishing and going to garage sales and auctions.

Fred will be at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta on Thursday, February 26, from 6 to 8 pm to answer your questions about coins and give tips on how to begin your own coin collection. Come and meet him and learn about the fascinating world of coins and collecting coins!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Queen Dealer Spotlight:Scott and Milinda Griggs of Lindy's Trains

In 1975, Scott started his first model train business in his parents garage in Findlay, Ohio and his love for trains has continued through the years. Scott says his wife, Milinda, has been amazingly supportive through the years and is an unbelievably supportive and patient person and great wife. "I don't know how she has put up with me all of these years, but we recently celebrated our 25th anniversary. That's the story from when I started at eight years old to where I am now. I still really enjoy trains and just thoroughly enjoy the business and bringing happy train memories to new generations." 

Scott and Milinda have done everything from selling on EBay, going to train shows, having their own stores, even working in the corporate world – and now currently are in 11 antique malls and run a specialized train website, Their life is busy travelling and keeping all the antique booths stocked and organized. 

Melinda says, "We have been busy opening up a network of booths in the best Antique Malls we could find. We typically restock each booth two or three times per month and we have hundreds or thousands of items at each one. Every Mall we are in has at least 15,000 square feet and dozens or hundreds of other dealers, so come out to see the trains and toys, but plan on much more! Make a weekend out of it and follow the Georgia Antique Mall Trail – Lindy’s way."

Because they spend so much time traveling between their booths, they especially love that gas prices are going down!

We are proud to have Lindy’s Trains in all three of our Queen of Hearts locations. They have thousands of model trains, die-cast cars and trucks, plastic model kits, Hess trucks, vintage toys, Nascar items, Department 56, ceramic buildings and other fun and collectible toys. Come and learn about them!

Come visit them in all three of our Queen of Hearts locations! Like them on Facebook at or visit their website at

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Queen Dealer Spotlight: Dari Brown of "I Need This, Antiques" (DBW)

Dari Brown, owner of I Need This, Antiques (Dealer Code: DBW) has been a dealer-merchant at the Queen of Hearts for 6 years, an appraiser for about 12 years, and has been in the “biz” buying and selling all over the United States for over 25 years. Dari has this to say about antiques, “They do not provide food or shelter that we may live. Why then do we "need this?" Because they make our lives worth living with the joy of the hunt, the successful acquisition, and most of all...the history, the beauty, and the energy these pieces bring from another time and place.” With two spaces on Church and Queen at the Buford Queen of Hearts, Dari says her most popular space is the Victorian booth located on Church St.

Customers and Queen staff have said "it is like walking into a Victorian parlor," and young people are especially fascinated by the authentic pieces that were the mainstay of life during the 19th century era. The Victorian booth carries almost 95% genuine antiques (items 100 years or older) and she finds these at various auctions, estate sales and thrift shops.

Her second space is located on Queen St and offers a general line of antiques, vintage items and upcycled furniture. This space offers a variety of antique transferware, American primitives, vintage prints and a display case packed with vintage jewelry, antique cut crystal, Civil War memorabilia, militaria, toys, and other interesting items.

Dari says that there are too many “favorites” about being a dealer-merchant at the Queen but shares that it is the excellent business model that provides a pro-active and attentive staff, lots of customers and the ability to sell a bit of history. Being an antiques dealer allows you to enrich ones life with beauty from another era. Additionally, the trend to upcycle or repurpose “found” items, especially antique furniture, that has seen rougher days, into renewed and unique purposes is exciting. It is so much fun to see utilitarian items transformed into lighting fixtures or coffee tables. Just about anything goes these days and the more interesting the greater demand for the item.

Dari started out as a collector, and in order to “feed the collecting habit” became a dealer. Dari collects antique clothing, laces and needlework, Native American basketry, rugs and pottery, Victorian jewelry, quadruple plate, American Brilliant cut crystal and Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG) compotes, to name a few. She also has three spinning wheels, two are genuine antiques, and adores spinning fiber from all three of them. It is a meditative process and brings her joy along with beautiful handspun to knit.

Dari was born and raised in New Jersey and then began traveling at the age of 12. She says she has gypsy feet and enjoys living in new locales. With 7 grandchildren scattered all over the U.S. and overseas, she has the opportunity to travel quite a bit. She presently works, full time, for a global communications company located in Lawrenceville, GA and (with 6 years left to go) is looking forward to when she can retire from corporate America permanently and meander through small communities in search of treasure, expand to another larger booth at the Queen, visit her grandchildren, and scuba dive the world’s seas in between the antique hunting.

Visit Dari's booth in the Queen of Hearts Buford on Church and Queen St., and visit her on Facebook at to see all of her gorgeous finds. You can also read her blog, Musings of a Sea Witch.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's Fall, Y'all! Get the front of your home ready! Guest blog from Lula Belle Interiors

I'm Jody Tirone from Lula Belle Interiors and I am a holiday-aholic. I admit it! I am obsessed with holiday decorating. My house goes through several different transitions through the fall. I start with gorgeous fall decorations, and then I bring out the scary for Halloween, and finish with thankful decorations of the Thanksgiving season. My addiction is your advantage because through the years I’ve learned some dos and don’ts of getting your house ready for the holidays.

I truly believe the outside of your house sets the tone for what’s happening on the inside. It is the first impression, whether it is brightening the day of those passing by or creating a welcoming space for those visiting. There are a few tricks of the trade to ensure your house looks like Southern Living and not the Griswold’s!

Tip #1: Remember the Scale & Color of your door
There is nothing worse than a wimpy wreath that is dwarfed by a beautiful front door. Color can also be a problem. Pick a wreath with a color that will pop against your door, not blend.

Tip #2: How does it look from the road?
I’ve seen some wreaths or decorations with details so small that you can’t see them from the road. Sometimes I couldn’t even tell what was on the door. It is always better to pick a wreath that is simple with large details.

Tip #3: Making Your Own Wreath
When making your own wreath, always make the wreath while hanging on a door or wall. If you make a wreath flat on a table the flowers or pumpkins may not be in the right direction after hanging.

Tip #4: Consider the Color of Your House.
If you have a house with pink brick the fall colors might clash. Instead consider non-traditional colors that would complement your house.

Here are all the tips combined into fall perfection!

So, now that you know the basics, where do you begin? Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors! Queen has custom wreaths that will set your door apart from your neighbor. Here is a sampling of what you’ll find at Queen of Hearts this fall.

This blog was written by dealer Jody Tirone, of Lula Belle Interiors (LULAB) on E Bay St in Alphaetta - like her page on Facebook to see all of her fabulous finds! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Decorating your Home for FALL! Guest blog from A Bit of Décor

When we think about decorating our homes for fall, we think of heavy fabrics and darker colors. When we come out of the summer heat, we want to cool down; we want to change things up.  Don’t get me wrong we love the summer and the bright colors, but there is something about fall that makes us want to change it up and bring that sense of home and comfort back into our lives. So what do we do it? How can we make our homes reflect ourselves and the themes for the fall?

Darker fall colors can be added in the throws or pillows that you use, or through decorative accents you might add to your home. Throws can add texture through knits like cable, faux fur, or even a depth in the nap of the fabric. A pillow can be something that you can throw on a chair, or on the floor even, close to the fireplace. Look at the basic colors that you have throughout your home, and pick a darker color to coordinate with those colors in your rooms. Many decorate or update just a room, or a few rooms, you can easily do it throughout your whole home. Think about it – add a throw to your bed, or the chair in your room, or even in your home office. Just add one ruby red, mustard yellow, bright orange or deep purple fall colored pillow or set of decorative items on your end tables.

Many of the decorating books and magazines serve up examples with each season. There are always the predictable, but use your creative side and sense of whimsy to update your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to do, especially if you know what you're looking for. Here are some ideas:

Better Homes and Gardens presents this view with the addition of fabrics, throws and pillows.

Adding just a fall themed pillow will add that sense of whimsy and accent for your home. Check out the dark colored ruby red chair and we LOVE this acorn pillow!

A Bit of Décor at Queen of Hearts – Antiques & Interiors in Marietta, GA offers a variety of throws, accents, along with pillows and general ideas to help with your decorating for fall.  All of the dealers at Queen of Hearts have many things available as well to accent your home for fall and the upcoming holidays - come in and take a look!

This blog was written by dealer Amy Ahrens, of A Bit of Décor (WACL) on Calhoun St in Marietta - like her page on Facebook to see all of her fabulous finds!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dealer Feature: The Painted Hammer, Audrey Wood & Shane Levin

Each month we featured our great dealers in our blog, to give a little background on them, how they got started at The Queen, and what trends they are seeing! Meet Audrey Wood and Shane Levin, siblings who just became dealers at the Alpharetta Queen of hearts in January. They are located on S. Battery St, dealer code SLAW. Visit their Facebook page The Painted Hammer, to see all of their amazing items!

The sibling team behind The Painted Hammer, Audrey & Shane, has always had talent. One day, Audrey asked Shane to build a bookshelf she had sketched out. He did, then she painted it. Then she asked him to build another, which she also painted. Then she asked for a set of wooden blocks. All of these things were for her kids, and Uncle Shane happily complied. He then took on larger projects and built a mini kitchen, a play table, and a Lego table. Another set of blocks too.

At some point late in 2013, Audrey started thinking about their talents, how amazing things happened when they paired up, and what if they investigated going in on a booth at the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts? She had been shopping at The Queen for 15 years, she knows how to merchandise & style, Shane can build her designs, and so on. And then 30 seconds later (it seemed), they were set to move into their space on S. Battery Street!

Audrey treats the space at the Queen the same way she treats every space she works with, in her own home and for clients. She has a defined core color palette: black, white/cream, brown, blue, and red. She has a defined style as well, which influences all of her purchases and designs: eclectic bohemian vintage chic. Audrey also has a magical sense of styling, so she places and groups items in a way that allows browsers to see items and imagine them in their own home.

When Audrey is asked how others can define their own color palette and style, she always suggests taking an adored pillow or painting, and using the colors and style from there to get started!

Stop by and visit them at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, dealer code SLAW on S Battery St, and Like their page The Painted Hammer! You can also visit their blog The Painted Hammer or follow them on Instagram.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fascinating Finds & Tremendous Treasures - MARIETTA

This guest blog is by Cindy Rich, a third generation picker of antiques/appraiser and loves all things vintage. She has been interested in antiques for as long as she can remember, and feels that every piece she finds comes from somewhere and was loved by someone! She will be visiting each store once a month for an Appraisal Night With Cindy Rich from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Bring your treasures and meet Cindy Rich, a certified appraiser. Please limit your items to 3 items and a voluntary $5 charity donation is requested for each item!

Upcoming Dates are:

  • Marietta: SECOND THURSDAY of each month - July 10 - August 14
  • Alpharetta: THIRD THURSDAY of each month - June 19 - July 17 - August 21
  • Buford: LAST THURSDAY of each month - July 31 - August 28
Thursday night at the Queen in Marietta was nothing short of a "take my breath away" visit. I was blessed with so many smiling faces, and beautiful things, I was in awe. My time began a bit early at 5:15 PM and stayed on 'til the last customer just before 7:45pm.

I saw some vintage rugs that were easily over 80 years old, and while one was a bit more "cherished" than the other, both were spread out on the floor, and everyone who saw them were amazed, and appreciated the fine quality, texture, and life that each of them brought to the room. You could just imagine the space it took up, those who walked upon it, and how many holiday gatherings it saw.

I also had a gentleman who brought in a Tiffany piece that was an old bowl from the 40's and it was well worth the $6 find he brought to me.. I had done a bit more research when i returned home, and found it right in the amount i shared with him - which was approximately $250 - 350. Given time, it could well command a prettier penny. Although, I think he will be holding on to that one with both hands.

I had some gorgeous paintings, some pencil charcoal drawings, and even a bit of ivory jewelry. I was pleased to see a piece of Gorham silver from early 40's - 50's... it was a child's yoyo. Yes, I said, yoyo. It held up its beauty and stood the test of time. That gentleman had a wonderful eye, and a heart of true gold - he is one who treasures the past, and stops his finds from finding their way to the scrap yard. He is truly a preservationist of History.

As my night ended, I listened as the folks left me, and i was taken aback in how much i love what i do, how much i enjoyed my first time in Marietta, and just how much i love seeing the people come out and share with me all their findings... It is my pleasure to be able to touch pieces of the past, learn from the people, listen to the stories, and treasure all they have for me. It is truly a precious gift.

I have always enjoyed my trips as a customer to the Queen, and have purchased many items lately from the various stores to add the beauty of the rejuvenation of my kid's rooms. Each piece we have hand-selected tells a story all it's own, and now, it will include its time in our home.

What does the Queen of Hearts provide it's customers Pleasant shopping, fabulous finds, and tremendous treasures.

What does the customer gain from those pieces? A new piece of history for their family and added warmth and charm for their home.

See you next month! - Cindyanna