Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 Healthy Habits

Hello again! How are the New Year's Resolutions going? Did you make too many? Are they unrealistic? We all know that they always sound good but that it's extremely hard to adhere to ALL of them. We think that instead of making hard demands on yourself, why don't you begin with trying the “10 healthy habits”, so that years from now you'll thank yourself for being good to yourself.
Here they go:

Don't Retire
We like this one. Keeping your mind and body busy with a challenging job or career is important. We know here at the Queen of Hearts some of our dealer-merchants are past retirement age, but they continue to thrive by being active in their businesses with us.

Floss Every Day
Okay, we know . . . it's a mundane practice. But you have been brushing your teeth everyday, haven't you? Throw this in and you'll be guaranteed additional years of living!

Move Around
This does not mean that you have to rush out and join the local “boot camp” that meets behind the church each week. Come to the Queen of Hearts and walk our aisles . . . put your pedometer on and see how many steps you can get in while enjoying the sights at the Queen. You'll be surprised that this will keep your joints and muscles moving and less sore.

Eat a Fiber-rich Breakfast
There has been much discussion on this. While fiber is good to keep things moving, it also can get “stuck” in your system. Better yet, try eating lots of fruit in the morning. All fruit has fiber and is less harsh on your system when you first wake up.

6+ hours of Sleep
Sleep is the most important thing, along with eating good organic food, that you can give your body. Sleep is the only way your body knows how and when to repair the damage received from external influences, i.e., bad air quality, chemicals in food and materials, and stress. Did you know that the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta has a showroom in the back that sells Organic Mattresses. Yes, these mattresses have not off gassing and provide the healthiest sleep possible. Pick up a card and make an appointment to learn about the benefits of this type of mattress. www.SavvyRest.com

Consume Whole Foods
Do you eat from the earth? Or do you eat from a package? What's in that package – extra salt and sugar, chemicals you can't pronounce? This probably means that your body cannot breakdown or utilize any nutrients in these foods, because they are not nutritious. You only have one body. Treat it like that and you'll be surprised how good you feel when eating from the earth. You might not have to take your prescription drugs once your body starts to heal and repairing itself.

Be Less Neurotic
What matters in your life? What dreams do you have? Do you want to walk leisurely through the Queen of Hearts? Leave your cell phone in the car for the hour or so while you shop. This will give you a sense of calmness especially when you find that hidden treasure that reminds you of your childhood.

Worship Your God Given Body
This all goes back to treating your body RIGHT. Try not to put items into your body that create harm: smoking, drinking alcohol, lots of sugar . . . okay, I'll give you a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate each day. There are studies out there that say that when one adheres to “moderation” it is all good. Focus on your family and community is another factor that can make you feel good. The Queen of Hearts is open late on Thursdays serving wine and cheese until 8 pm.

Be a Creature of Habit
Do all of the items mentioned above – and this includes visiting the Queen of Hearts each week – and you will surely have a spring in your step for many years to come.

There was a common thread through a lot of these “live by” suggestions . . . they involve the Queen of Hearts. Let us help you stay healthy and happy during 2012 and beyond. The Queen's doors are open seven days a week and late on Thursdays until 8 pm.