Monday, January 28, 2013

Color Trends for 2013 from the Queen

We are a full month into the new year! Did you set New Years resolutions or goals this year? In my opinion I find it is always easier to set goals than resolutions, and that sometimes you need to change things up in your personal space, not only to get rid of clutter, but to reinvent your home to change your life. What you liked five or ten years ago when you may have first decorated, may not be your taste now, or even match your personality. This year on the Queen of Hearts blog, we are going to devote a post each month to reinventing a new room in your home, with tips and ideas to help you jumpstart your creativity and improve your living spaces!

For January, COLOR is key! Whether it is your bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen, once you decide the right color scheme in each room it will help you when searching for those perfect pieces, and making that room your favorite.

Pantone, the pros in color, have revealed new colors for 2013 that soothe, renew and may even surprise you. These have ben talked about in Country Living, the Etsy blog, and many other decorating websites, so you know these are the hot hues to look for. And the color of the year? EMERALD.


Quirky and whimsical: Shades of pumpkin and bright blue with goldenrod, lime, and violet. Bold colors look awesome, especially if you do them as accents with pillows, a throw or a lamp, to give those great pops of color.

Starting top left, going clockwise: Pale green Vintage Dresser at JRR in Buford, Turquoise Chalkboard Frame at Desert Rose (DRI) in Buford, Saffron Lamp at Southern Exposure in Alpharetta (SOEXPO), Violet Cupboard at BDOG in Marietta, Orange two-tier table at FINCH in Alpharetta.

Tribal Tones: The palette that mixes sandy brown, vibrant tangerine, peacock blue, and fiery pink together, is not for the color shy. Don't try and overdo it by using all these colors, but find patterns that compliment each other, or use a bold color on an accent wall.

Starting top left, going clockwise: Aqua Headboard and Goldenrod Chair at Desert Rose (DRI) in Buford, Bright Green Dresser at Home-ology (SLK) in Alpharetta, Tangerine Polka Dot Chair with Lemon Sweater Pillow at ReLoved (MILLIE) in Marietta, Peacock Blue Chairs with goldenrod and navy pillows, and Fuschia Chair all at RICHIE in Marietta

Surface Treatments: Earthy textures lay a new foundation for palettes of blues and greens. Breathe new life into an existing hutch with several coats of ocean-blue paint, and add white ceramic objects and natural wood and wicker.

Starting top left, going clockwise: Aqua Blue Stools at PEAR in Buford, Wicker Chair with cream and blue pillows at MRM in Marietta, Teal and Brown table at TEA in Alpharetta, Yellow and Tan SunShine Sign at RKF in Marietta, Aqua Secretary Desk at Halo in Marietta

Dark and Glamorous: A gray room punctuated by one wall of deep, dark blue or green creates a sensuous atmosphere. This sleek scheme takes a cue from Pantone's glamour palette of moody shades of gray and hints of metallic shimmer. Introduce rich red or cobalt blue accents to add a bit of classic drama.

Starting top left, going clockwise: Deep Red Cabinet at HILDA in Buford, Blue Table at RICHIE in Marietta, Emerald Green side table at Charm Home in Marietta, Emerald Green and Grey Chair from RICHIE in Marietta, Dark and Light Gray Side Table at COCO in Alpharetta

Shades of Orange: Using shades of orange—from melon to coral—creates fresh combinations. Add a dash of cinnamon red or a burst of tart green apple for a fresh balance of color.

Starting top left, going clockwise: Coral End Table at RICHIE in Marietta, Melon Colored Couches at Moonie Moose Sisters (MMS) at Buford, Lime Green Chalkboard Frame at Desert Rose (DRI) at Buford, Tan and Cream Pillows and decor at The Vintage Styled Life (CAT) in Alpharetta, Pale Green chair PDG in Alpharetta

Sojourn Shades: This palette combines quiet moss green, cobblestone gray and shitake brown with vibrant fuchsias. To bring a neutral area to life add clusters of purpley-pink blooms in green vases, or put pops of bold purple in places.

Starting top left, going clockwise: Pale Yellow Vintage Side Table from Odds & Ends (ODDS) in Marietta, Light Purple/Blue and Tan Dresser and accent pillows at SILVER in Alpharetta, Moss Green Door Wall Tree with Mirror at La Bella Maison (BELLA) in Alpharetta, Fuchsia Pink printed pillows at LOVE in Alpharetta, Purple-Grey Dresser and Gold Mirror at JOJO in Buford.

Preppy Primary in Jewel Tones: Use the color of the year, emerald green, along with ruby red, sapphire blue and bright white to create a modern look. Pair this with shades of gray, gold—or black! Painting just one wall, or one big piece of furniture in one of these bold jewel tones can help create a focal point. It makes it look really clean to pull white furniture in front of a dark wall or create a gallery of prints and objects on it with painted frames.

Starting top left, going clockwise: Ruby Red Wagon Wheel at ROY in Buford, Emerald Green Hutch from KML in Alpharetta, Blue Bench at Whippoorwill Antiques (WHIP) in Alpharetta, Green Chevy Fender from MABCL in Buford, Yellow Chairs with Sapphire Blue Print and Crimson Floral Pillows at RICHIE in Marietta

Hope that these color schemes and great items at the Queen of Hearts gave you some decorating inspiration! And if you ever want to change up some furniture in your home, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is amazing, and comes in every delicious color to suit your taste.

Looking forward to next month, where we will pick the first room of the house to give an amazing refresh, and show you how you can make easy changes to create the perfect living spaces for this year, with help from the Queen!

See you next month...


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monthly Feature at the Queen

Happy New Year!  It's Sarah from {Home-ology} modern vintage.  I'm hosting my monthly guest post for the dear Queen and all you lovelies who follow her blog.  Thanks for having me over, guys!

So, how are your New Year's resolutions holding up my dear ones?  Success so far or utter fail?  Personally, I don't do resolutions, as I am a dismal failure at them.  But in January I do like to take a moment of quiet reflection to ponder goals for the new year and lay out plans for the future.

And today I actually accomplished one of my goals for the new year - I took my Christmas tree & all the trimmings down.  {Yay for me, finally getting that monkey off my back!}  Okay, that doesn't actually count as a "goal," but I am so glad to have it done.  Hey, it's a start...

So, yesterday, as I was returning from the car dealership where the hubs & I purchased a new car {another "yay" for us for finally replacing the jalopy!}, I stopped by the Queen in her Buford location about an hour before she closed for the day.
 Here's the hub's at the dealership.  I'm pretty sure there were tears as he wrote the check.
queen of hearts buford ga via
But driving my sweet, sweet ride made me forget all about his pain!  Only kidding...  However, all the ambient lighting, electronic gadgets, and the sweet voice of Ms. Navigation totally had me at hello.  My car and I are going to be great friends, I just know it!  Especially when they install the luggage rack on top so it doesn't look like a mini van.  Been there, done that, and don't want to go back...

Okay, back to the Queen and all the enticing bits & pieces held within her doors.

While perusing up and down the aisles, I didn't find any one item that inspired me to write a post about.  What I did find were lots of interesting objects.  So this post is a hodgepodge of fun items I was drawn to, in no particular order.
eames style shell chair via
A pair of awesome shell chairs in DAN's booth.  Love me some mid century!  He always has a good selection of 50's.
mid century bar cart via
And a great bar cart filled with grooviness from dealer STAN.  I haven't gotten over my love for bar carts just yet.  I'm still searching for the perfect one for my own home.
valentine's candy heart paper card via
Oh, hello to you, too you great big Valentine!  I love this piece of ephemera in dealer BJ's booth.  Me thinks this would really make a statement to the one you're totally enamored with, no?  Brownie points to whomever uses this as a Valentine's card!

1950's enamel top table via
And, for the love of your life who also loves to bake, how about the red vintage enamel top table complete with a rose tablecloth & napkins in JUNK's booth?  If your sweetie didn't bake before, they just might start with a set up like this for Valentines ;)

Just as I was getting in the Valentine groove I became distracted by a booth filled with eye candy in shades of orange and gray.  Is this a new booth?  Me thinks it might be, and I love it!  Clean and modern.
orange interior decor via
 With a touch of 1970's whimsy.
owl wall hanging via
 I think I like JoJo's booth very much!

So there you have the hodgepodge of things that caught my eye this month.  January is a good time to look at the trends happening in design for the coming year.  In January, I allow myself to to get distracted by this & that - just to see where my eye gravitates - as I look for inspiring ways to refresh my home.  For me, I'm finding my happy place is an edgy mix of mid century and European farmhouse.  Two contrasting designs that balance one another beautifully when done correctly.  Here's to the glory of the hunt!

Happy hunting!


This is a guest post from Sarah Krouse at {Home-ology) modern vintage.  As well as being a dealer in our Alpharetta location, Sarah blogs over at  If you enjoyed reading her post and would love to see more, we encourage you to stop by her blog.  There you'll see many of her vintage finds in their raw stage, get a story of where they came from, and see transformations of the pieces she revives & repurposes prior to their display at the Queen.