Saturday, November 2, 2013

Family Ties & Butterscotch Pies: Guest Post from Appalachian Vintiques

As we approach the holidays, my mind wanders back to my grandparents' house in the holler of Western North Carolina in a town called Waynesville. At Thanksgiving especially, the house came alive with family, laughter, music, jokes, football, and the smell of turkey and homemade biscuits. And then there was my great grandmother’s delicious butterscotch pie that we ate on the "special occasion only" dishes on her mahogany table. I cherish these memories, but if I could change anything it would be to make those moments happen every day, not just once a year.

As I prepare for this year's Thanksgiving, I'm changing traditions. I'm investing in china, decor, and furniture that won’t be reserved for one day a year, but are timeless, quality pieces that I can enjoy every single day. I don’t want to lock up the "special occasion only" pieces because every day that I spend with my family is special.

At the Queen of Hearts in Buford, the ability to find quality pieces that remain timeless is an easy feat. Your most difficult task will be narrowing down the fantastic options. At my booth, Appalachian Vintiques, we specialize in high quality, primitive pieces found locally in Western North Carolina.

This fantastic buffet is made by Lexington and is made from a beautiful mahogany; it reminds me of one in my grandmother’s dining room and would make a beautiful accent for any of your family meals. The antique gilded mirror and the delicate stemware is traditional and classic.

Don’t let a small space prevent you from finding a timeless and functional piece that will be a great conversation starter. This fantastic dining table with four chairs, also found at Appalachian Vintiques, makes entertaining easy while practical.

Dealer SJ at the Buford location offers this exquisite dining room set with quality china pieces. Add a centerpiece like this and make your dining room festive year round.

Dealer SPCA in the Buford location offers this unique serving platter. Perfect for your Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas ham, but can be used year round - what about your next Superbowl party? This platter could hold enough wings to feed the team!

Dealer MNELW at the Buford location is offering this amazingly unique buffet. This classic French accent is sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering, and beautiful to admire when you are just eating dinner with your family.

I could post hundreds of photos from The Queen of Hearts in Buford. No matter what your style – traditional, modern, classic, romantic – there is something here for you. As you approach this holiday season, I hope that you will remember that people are what makes the moments special, not a date on the calendar. Whether it’s Sunday dinner after church with just your kids or entertaining your entire family for Christmas, choose pieces that you can create memories around that will last a lifetime. I will always remember my Nanny’s butterscotch pie...leave your family and friends with their own special memories.

Jennifer Turner is a dealer at the Buford Queen of Hearts and her booth is Appalachian Vintiques, dealer code LIVJC or VINTQ, located on Court St. Follow the link to like her on Facebook and see all her amazing finds!