Sunday, February 10, 2019

Queen Owners Stacey & Jim Anderson: A Love Story

From the owner, Stacey Anderson, about husband and co-owner Jim Anderson. "People often ask how me and my husband (and co-owner of the Queen, Jim) met. Well, here is the full story!"

My agenda for the winter of 1986 was to sit home, needlepoint and eat popcorn. Okay, and the occasional tennis lesson. Out of the blue, a friend of my mother’s asked if I was dating anyone . . . the answer was no and then I reiterated my winter agenda. She said there was a guy, named Jim Anderson, that worked for her husband and she wanted us to meet.

Well, back then we had answering machines and no cellphones. So if you missed a phone call via the landline, you would listen to the message when you got home. Well, Jim did call and left a message to call him back – BUT left no phone number. And back then the machines did not record the numbers. So for the next week, I waited patiently, for Jim to call back while adhering to my winter agenda (remember: eating popcorn and needlepointing!)

He did call back a couple of days later . . . only to ask me out for Friday and Saturday. My answer was NO, just Friday night. So he came to the door, and I looked in the peephole to see a sandy blonde haired, bearded guy. I thought "not bad" . . . I always wanted blonde and blue-eyed children. So we talked for a while at my house and then went to see The Color Purple at Phipps. And in case anyone was wondering if the date went well - yes, we did go out on Saturday night too.

Jim traveled 5 days each week for Timberland so we spent hours on the phone each night getting to know each other. Three weeks into us dating, he asked, “When are we getting married?” I said “I don’t know.” Was it sparks and fireworks? No. Was it comfortable? Yes. Did we have a lot in common? Yes. Did I want blonde, blue-eyed children? Yes . . . are you getting the picture?

We then started planning a November wedding that same year, since my mother said she did not want us to share a wedding with Christmas and we could not pull off having a double wedding with my sister, Monica, on April 19th. And yes, my mom and dad footed the tab for two weddings that year! All my friends all thought I was on the rebound having just ended a 7 year relationship. But they say... "when you know it is right, it is right!"

It was a whirlwind romance that has sustained for almost 33 years, produced two great sons - Tyler, 30 and Keaton, 28. So all I can say is that is has been, and continues to be, a great ride with a life partner that has weathered some ups and downs, including breast cancer 20 years ago, to losing parents, and everything else in between.

Our wish is for everyone to find their Valentine and then buckle up for the "ride of life" together – weathering all the ups and downs, but learning to lean on each other, growing closer everyday, and coasting into the last chapters of life together. Happy Valentine's Day, from the Queen!