Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Buy “Old” Furniture?

The word “old” is very subjective. It might mean over 100 years old to a true antique
collector or from a couple of decades ago to a person in their 30’s.

We in the antique and interiors business much prefer furniture made in the old-fashion
way -- dovetailed, inlaid veneers, 100% wood. It’s a true fact that older furniture is
made better and will stand the test of time.

When buying furniture, we want you to ask yourself several questions?
Where am I going to use this piece? Am I going to keep this piece for a long time and
possibly pass it down to my children? Am I drawn to the piece by its wood grain, patina,
or character?

Most of the furniture available today in antique and interior shops is not over 100 years old but more in the 40-75 years old. Does this make it a bad purchase? No. This type of furniture is made very well and in a price range that is affordable.

Today many designers are mixing styles of furniture to include different types of woods
and even some painted pieces. There really is no written rule that says that if you have
one oak piece that everything in your room has to be made of oak. The motto of the
2012 is “go with what you like and works best for you and your family”.

Painted furniture is hot right now. Many dealer-merchants are taking very well built pieces of older furniture that might have some blemishes and giving it a fresh coat of paint, allowing the furniture a new lease on life. These painted pieces can be incorporated into any decor.

We challenge you to experiment with your decorating . . . freshen a room with a new piece -- painted or not. All three Queen of Hearts locations have furniture arriving daily and the sales staff is always ready to help with locating that perfect piece that you will cherish.