Monday, April 15, 2013

Monthly Feature at the Queen by {Home-ology} modern vintage

It's April 15th! Let's give a big "woot" to the fact that taxes are over with for 2013 and we can all move on to more pleasant things such as outdoor gatherings, family vacations, and warm summer days! ;)

Along with writing that annual check, April 15th also marks the end of cold weather frosts. And with spring in full swing here in the ATL, I've packed away the home's winter necessities and have begun to lighten up the style in my home.

One of my favorite ways to lighten up for the warm season is to pack away my ironstone and pull out my collection of clear glass containers. I love glass containers. I love how they don't clutter a space visually and how beautifully they bounce the light around a room. And when they're filled with beautiful things, glass containers allow their contents to shine without overwhelming a space. Yep, I'm a sucker for them.

And this season I had a very specific idea in mind for some glass containers, yet I didn't have exactly the right combination of three. So when I spotted a real beauty in the Alpharetta location of the Queen last week, I knew another piece of glassware was coming home with me and my little idea would soon become a reality.

After finding the first container, a hunt ensued as I scoured the remaining booths for the perfect combination of glassware to complete the set. The inventory at the Queen is always vast and varied, so I was quickly able to find complimenting sizes and shapes and didn't have to run all over town. I love that!

Don't you just love the unique shapes?
This one is a vintage cookie jar.
And here we have an interestingly shaped decorative apothocary jar.
Last we have this fabulous storage container impressed with a patent date of 1904 and made by Lucas Prouty and Co. {I love the impressed markings!}

They fit so well as a grouping, don't you agree?

Want to see what I did with them?
I made terrariums!
So easy to make and so easy to care for, they're the perfect vignette for the summer season and are virtually maintenance free. Want to see how I made them? Jump over to my blog for the tutorial "Making a Terrarium - Gardening for the Commitment Phobe." There I demonstrate how easy these were to create and show you how to make a beautiful terrarium of your very own.
So modern and fresh, i love how mine turned out!

This is a guest post from Sarah Krouse at {Home-ology} modern vintage. As well as being a dealer in our Alpharetta location, Sarah blogs over at If you enjoyed reading her post and would love to see more, we encourage you to stop by her blog. There you'll see many of her vintage finds in their raw stage, get a story of where they came from, and see transformations of the pieces she revives and repurposes prior to their display at the Queen.