Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monthly Feature at the Queen

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Queen's court {that's you, my friends}!  Are you gearing up for the holiday season that is upon us?  I'm in a big holiday spirit and have already added a few wintery vignettes around the house.  In our home, the family will all be together this year, so I'm truly looking forward to some gathering & celebrating.

Anyhoo,  this month's feature post will not be focused on one particular find or dealer.  Nope, this post is devoted entirely to the Queen's latest addition, their new store in Marietta.  It was official on the 5th - the new store is open at 2745 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta, Ga.  Woot!

Of course I hit the scene as soon as I could get my happy feet down there, and trust me when I say I wasn't disappointed.  There was so much goodness happening that I immediately knew I couldn't limit this post to one particular find.  Rather, I feel obliged to share with my vintage lovin' peeps all that is good at the new Marietta Queen of Hearts.  Care to take a tour?  Follow me!

As you first enter the doors, look over to your right onto Broad Street.  Your eyes will immediately be drawn into the fantastic era of the 1970s as you float in a happy sea of yellow & gray.  I have to say, dealer "Richie" has an amazing eye and has brought back 1970 in a very modern way.  {And that's exactly the way we like to roll.}

This is some serious eye candy, people.

And feast your eyes on the yellow crushed velvet sofa and orange pillows.  Oh yeah, I'm crushin'!
This booth defines vintage modern, so it's no surprise that I would be all over it.  I love the touch of Bohemian that's injected.  It's perfection!  I just want to float around in this space for a while.  Excuse me while I indulge for a moment...

Okay, okay, we'll move on - there's lots more to see!  This next stop is at dealer GAP's booth on East Bay Street.  As much as I adore vintage modern, I also adore French country.  Our current home is done in French country, and this would fit in perfectly.  This piece has Francophile written all over it!
Do you swoon over it's intricately hand carved beauty?  Such an exceptional piece - love the details and the warmth of the walnut wood construction.  And look what I found sitting atop.
So handsome!  Next we move on to dealer SLB's booth on Queen Street where I met the nicest little French bistro table.
Very Deco in style, I can't resist the beautiful cast iron base.  I think the top is porcelain (?).
 I love to look underneath a piece - that's where you will most often see the history and true age.  Never be too ladylike to hunker down & look underneath - it can be quite revealing!
Ooh la, la more French!  This time in a very ornate bed in dealer V923's booth on Ashley Street.  Excuse the roping - the booth was still a work in progress, as many others were.  But couldn't you imagine some seriously sweet dreams in this exquisite beauty?  To.die.for.

And lastly is this impressive country piece in dealer BLR's & LHA's booth on Bull Street.  I love the old blue painted surface.  Man, if I were doing some serious kitchen remodeling, this puppy would immediately become a part of the plan.  Or how about as a piece in your uber awesome craft room?  Oh yeah!
So that's the tour!  Awesome, no?  There are so many great dealers offering up a seriously fabulous selection of inventory.  This was only a tease.  And what's even better is that there are more dealers in the works.  The store is still in its early stages of opening and not all the dealers were finished staging their booths.  I can't wait to go back to see the progress.

Especially through the holidays, I love to incorporate vintage finds into my styling.  Antiques somehow speak to family traditions and create an appreciation for the past.  It's the small details that become forever woven into the memory of your family's holiday celebrations - just like a fire burning in the fireplace on Thanksgiving Day and the smell of the freshly cut Christmas tree when it's first brought into the house.  Adding little vintage touches as a part of your holiday is the perfect way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

This November, be forever thankful for the blessings.

Til next month!


This is a guest post from Sarah Krouse at {Home-ology) modern vintage.  As well as being a dealer in our Alpharetta location, Sarah blogs over at  If you enjoyed reading her post and would love to see more, we encourage you to stop by her blog.  There you'll see many of her vintage finds in their raw stage, get a story of where they came from, and see transformations of the pieces she revives & repurposes prior to their display at the Queen.