Friday, August 30, 2013

Guest Post from Dealer HALO: Decorating with Doors

Hi there to all the Queen of Hearts blog followers! My name is Lori, aka the painting queen, and I am a dealer/consignor at the Queen of Hearts in Marietta. My booth is dealer code HALO and located at the end of King Street - you can also like my Facebook business page Halo Design & Interiors! I have been at the Marietta location since we opened back in November of last year and have loved being apart of such a talented group of designers and artists. It is truly a wonderful place to work and even more wonderful place to hunt for treasures. Most days you can find me in my garage in my infamous paint clothes (I will go anywhere in them), working on my next creative project, hanging at my booth restocking, rearranging or 'refluffing', or helping a client bring their design dreams to life.

I am the owner of Halo Design and Interiors, a full service design business. After building our home in 1999, I spent 10+ years getting it dressed, undressed and dressed again. Unfortunately at my hubby's expense, as my learning process improved so did my house :) Over those years, I learned that a can of paint, old beat up furniture, scrap fabric, a creative mind and a little elbow grease could drastically change the look of any space. I loved knowing that I turned someone else's trash into my treasure and am so happy that I can share it with you all. 

So, with that being said, check out all the great decor ideas that can come from 'Decorating with Doors'.

One of the easiest things to find on your hunt at all the three Queen of Hearts locations are old doors. I know of two dealers in the Marietta location with doors for sale at this time: GHW has a great black shabby door and PDG located on King Street has an old vintage white door. Whether they are old and chippy, wood paneled or glass paned, grab one and the possibilities are endless! Here are a few projects I have just completed using doors in the last few months:

This is a shabby chic corner cabinet built by my husband and I. I had a few old pantry bi fold doors lying around that I had always wanted to use but knew were a bit too small to use in a door space. Then I had the idea to make them a corner unit. The hubby made me 4 shelves and constructed it for me. The doors were originally white and pretty beat up, so I painted a chocolate base coat and then an old white top coat. I then sanded it real good to give it a shabby chic look and added some vintage inspired hardware and now look at her. Beautiful!

Vintage door shelf. I have to be honest, once I finished this door, I wanted to keep her for my own. However, I took her to my booth instead where she sits waiting for a home :) I found the door on its way to the landfill. It had just been taken off the front door of a house built around the 1960's. It was in great condition so I did not have to do much to it. It was originally a dark wood color so I painted it in Annie Sloan old white chalk paint (which can be found at the Queen) and distressed it heavily. I painted the back of the glass panes with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like spray paint. This gave it a vintage mirror look from the front which I loved! The hubby once again made me two shelves and attached them for me. I found a brown metal vintage inspired door handle to finish it off. 

I had an idea to make a sofa table out of an old door but could not find the size door I had in mind. So of course, I turn to my awesome sidekick, aka best hubby in the world, to construct me one. Loved the way it turned out... solid wood construction with the top painted in Annie Sloan pure white (again found at the Queen) and a onyx black for the bottom. Love the vintage inspired hardware with the crystal knob. 

Aqua, who doesn't love aqua? Check out these cute cabinet door chalkboards!! I found an old beat up cabinet, one you might hang over your toilet in the bathroom. My goal was to repaint it and give it a new life. Once I got into the sanding stage, I realized it was too beat up for me to salvage :( I was sad because I saw the possibilities with this cabinet. Then I decided to do something with the doors because they were still in good shape. I decided to paint the center with chalkboard paint and add a piece of jute twine with some chalk. So cute, if I do say so myself. Perfect for your grocery list or notes. Available to purchase at my booth!

Changing out a door to the basement, office or laundry room is simple and creates a whole new feel to that room and the area around it. Here are a few examples of what you can do with a great door find from the Queen of Hearts!

LOVE how this homeowner exchanged their tradition white door with this old wooden door . What a great conversation piece this would be!

Another great example of mixing old with the new.... so easy to switch out a basement door!

First, totally digging this burst of red in this neutral kitchen. Second, what a great way to use an old screen door! Why didn't I think of this? I am going on a hunt at the Queen for one of these babies for sure!

Another great way to decorate with a screen door.... This would look great in a farmhouse style kitchen. 

Coffee tables, we all have them right? But what do yours say about you? I have a few glass paned doors and a great wood paneled door in my garage. They have been patiently waiting for me to come out and play with them. I am already thinking how I need to get my hubby on board with creating some great door tables. Here are a few of my design inspirations...

Love this lime green color!

If you have ever visited my booth at the Marietta location, then you probably have seen one or two of my clock tables. I kind of went through a phase of being addicted to putting a clock face on everything!! Well, luckily, that phase has slowly been fizzling out...until now!! I just saw this great clock door and knew that I had to make one too. Such a unique way of displaying a clock for any room. So easy to make, too. All you need is a door (which can be found at any of the 3 Queen locations) and a clock set (found at craft stores or online). WOW is all I can creative!

Another great use for an old door is turning it into a coat rack. Again, so easy and a great first time DIY project for those willing to give it a good ole try! Here are a few photos for inspiration...

Just add a few hooks for this simple DIY project 

Using an eclectic group of vintage door knobs makes for great way to hang coats or backpacks...

When you cannot find the real thing, go for a replica. I found this great selection of vintage inspired door knobs at Hobby Lobby, go figure. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a vintage feel they add to my pieces. And, they won't break the bank. 

Cannot tell you how much I adore this repurpose. I just wish I had a larger mudroom wall to display it on. Best of both worlds...display for photos and coat rack.

Okay, now I think I am going a little crazy with doors, but I just love how accessible they are and how easily you can decorate with them. Another very simple way to add a pop of color to a space is to add a colorful old door. Just prop it up against a wall or put it in a is that simple.

I have definitely saved the best idea for last, in my opinion. I first got inspired by this photo last September when I was in full design mode getting items ready for my booth opening. I did not have any old doors at the time but I had a set of board and batten shutters. I added some wrought iron candle holders to them. They were a huge hit. I just love the old worn look of this door with the two toned paint color. Hopefully this will be a project for me in the near future. 

Well, I think that is a wrap! I hope this post has given you all some inspiration and direction in decorating with doors. Taking something like a simple door and realizing all the possibilities really makes my creative juices flow. I understand that not everyone has the DIY bug in them and that is okay. That is why the Queen, in all her three locations, exists. So whether you are looking for that old, chippy door to put your DIY skills to the test or just want to stop in hoping to find a finished treasure, do so today! We have so many talented and unique designers; you are sure to embark on a great treasure hunt where there is always something very everyone. 
Bye now and happy hunting!

Halo Design & Interiors, Queen of Hearts Marietta located on King St


  1. I love all of these! We put an old door in where our pantry door was suppose to be and I love it. We still need to trim it out, but I love it already! Come by and link up at Wonderful Wednesdays linky party!

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