Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Queen of Every Party

As someone who loves to throw a party and always wanting to be the "hostess with the mostess", I wanted to devote this next blog post to planning the perfect party, especially for all those having New Year's Eve 2013 parties! I have found so many items at the Queen of Hearts that can be used all year long to make your party the one everyone will remember. Whether you are hosting a holiday party, an engagement party, bridal or baby shower, or just a get together with friends or families, you can always make sure your gathering is special and unique. Besides having the perfect outfit and menu, here are five ways to make your soiree perfect, from the Queen of Hearts.

1. Beautify your Bar.
Elevate your bar beyond liquor and wine bottles by serving up spirits in high class. A gorgeous punch bowl is a staple, and solo cups should be put away until the next big college game. Check out these amazing ways to serve your guests:

Pour your bar into these bottles! Adorable and available at TIQUE in Marietta

Mercury glass and a fancy tray – perfect to put glasses of champagne for a fancy New Years toast! (Marietta) 

Adorable bucket to chill your Champagne for the New Year toasts! (MYL at Marietta)

2. Create your own Cocktail.
It’s your party, create a couple of signature drinks! Use a chalkboard to write out the drink specials and what is in them. Your guests will love to "order up their drinks" at your drink table. Serve them in cute glasses, rather than solo cups, to make your cocktail classy.

Menu 'Headboard' from Romancing the Home (RHT1) in Buford - so cute to write out your party menu or signature drink!

Use these cute shelves from A Vintage Flea (DILLY) at Marietta Queen of Hearts - the top is a chalkboard to write the name of the drink, the middle a corkboard to pin up the ingredients and the bottom can hold cute rings to go on your wine glass so your guests can tell which drink is theirs!

3. Theme Your Scene.
While it's good to have a mix of snacks and appetizers for your party, you'll want a good theme for each area to make it pop. Create a gorgeous table that compliments your food, use burlap and serve cheese and wine, hang paper lanterns over a champagne station, or use a good color combination for your overall party.

Paper Lanterns to hang over your champagne station to create 'bubbles' - great theme! (AHS Alpharetta) Also love the gray/light orange/white color combo

Cute table idea in the DKL booth, Alpharetta - mix of red and black, with toile

4. Be the 'Light' of the Party.
Of course you are the center of the party (or the guest of honor is) but set the mood and dim the lights on your chandelier or change out your lamps to soft lighting. Everyone, and especially you, will look great in soft lights. Don't forget the powder room -- turn off the overhead lighting and turn on a small lamp . . . even this room can be included in the party.

This Nickel Lamp with Saffron shade from Southern Exposure (SOEXPO) at Alpharetta Queen of Hearts goes great with the wicker tray, glasses and woven pitcher - great for a brunch or shower

Place candles in this beaded chandelier and hang over your bar to create soft lighting - PDG at Alpharetta Queen of Hearts

5. A Party Favorite with Party Favors.
Everyone likes to leave with a little something from the party - you can even play a game to have a 'winner' and offer a prize! Treat your guests to inexpensive cute gifts, or even something homemade, and wrap them up in cute packaging so they remember the party long after it's over.

Wrap your gifts up in these cute gift bags from Vanilla Lace (VL) at Alpharetta

Cute giveaway gifts at Marietta! (IAS)

We love to see how our customers have taken items from the Queen and used them in their home or for a party - feel free to share any of your ideas on our Facebook page! As we close in on the end of 2012, let's raise our glasses to a good year, and many more memories to make in the next! 

See you in 2013...