Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guest Post from Queen Dealer Denise Moore: Vintage headboards, not just for beds anymore!

Hello, my name is Denise Moore and I am a  dealer at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, Sassy & Stash on Bull and Calhoun St, and have a blog I write called, Funky Time Art. There I write about how I love to create new home decor and jewelry out of unusual or discarded items.   

That brings me to our current post, using vintage headboards for anything but beds. I started down this path because I inherited my parents very Victorian head and footboards from their bed. While it has great sentimental value and beauty I just didn't need another bed. So I started to look around the web and found some awesome ideas for repurposing vintage headboards.

Here are two great examples of headboards turned into awesome benches.  These were found in the Queen of Hearts Alpharetta, dealer SKD.  The headboard's beauty is still retained and now a new functional piece of furniture.

This wooden headboard from the Sweet Pickins blog is a great piece for hanging your hat and coats in the mudroom or foyer.  Love it!  I know I have seen a half dozen of these over the years at the Queen.

This is a repurposed twin headboard from the My Repurposed Life blog.  It is a combo photo board and with hooks - what a great idea!

Finally, this iron headboard as a gate is fabulous, it has so much charm.  I would love this as an entrance into my garden.

I hope you have found some of these ideas inspiring.  These vintage headboards have so much beauty and charm to offer not just to the bedroom.  Next time you are strolling through the Queen of Hearts, keep an eye out for one of these beauties and create something beautiful and unique for your home!

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