Saturday, April 5, 2014

Modular Shelving: Feature on dealer SLAW, The Painted Hammer

The dealer-merchants at all three Queen of Hearts locations are overflowing with talent that goes beyond what they have in their booths. Some are skilled at locating must-have pieces in remote locations. Some are designers that anticipate what’s hot, shop often, find great deals, make alterations, and display finds in an irresistible way. Some make unique things, in all sizes, styles, and colors that can’t be found anywhere else. Some are amazing at appraising items like sports memorabilia, coins, china, and silver. If you ever want to find out about other services that our dealer-merchants offer, check it out here on our website.

At The Painted Hammer located on S Battery St in the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts (dealer code SLAW), the talent is shared between the co-owners, like a one-two punch. The designer, Audrey, has a dazzling imagination & finishing skills, and her partner Shane can make anything Audrey can sketch on a cocktail napkin. When they work together, it goes something like this:

Their booth in Alpharetta was in need of some serious shelving. Shane saw something on his wife’s Pinterest feed that looked like a good starting point. 

The one on Pinterest was made from salvaged pallet wood, and was meant to go against a wall. The booth needed something bigger, more grand, that could stand on it’s own. So they designed it, and Shane headed to the workshop. Several hours or days later, he showed Audrey a prototype.

Audrey loved it (and occasionally suggested tweaks), as Shane did final assembly. 

Audrey finished the piece, then they worked together to price it and add it to the booth on S. Battery St in the Alpharetta location.

Seems easy, right? For these two, it is as natural and necessary as breathing, but it isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, trial and error, and experience to get to where they are now. However, now that they have arrived to this level of teamwork, refinement, and expertise, they are excited to make the final results available to you for purchase via their booth at the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts.

Make sure to follow the Queen on Pinterest to get inspired for your own DIY ideas. Or bring in something that you want to re-create that you found, and our staff and talented dealers can sure enough help you recreate it or show you how!

Next time you wander The Queen, remember Audrey & Shane at The Painted Hammer, and the many other amazing dealer-merchants. They certainly think of you when they call on their talents to fill their booth with the amazingness that is The Queen!

Like The Painted Hammer at to see more gorgeous finds!

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