Sunday, June 14, 2015

Queen Dealer Spotlight: Sue Corner of Perfect Inspiration LLC (SUE)

Each month we will be doing a blog about one of our dealer-merchants from each of our three stores that offers unique, one-of-a-kind antiques and merchandise for your home and garden. We have a lot of creative, savvy and talented dealers and we thought you would enjoy getting to know them!

Sue Corner (Dealer Code SUE) has been a dealer at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta for the past 6 years. Her favorite part of being a dealer-merchant at the Queen is interacting with the customers and finding unique pieces to suit everyone's taste and pocket. 

Sue carries fine furniture from Europe and the USA, as well as oil paintings, art glass (especially Fenton), fine art and porcelain, bronze sculptures, tableware, silver, mirrors, rugs. Basically, anything they find "irresistible, hence their tag line "Gorgeous Things!"

Sue loves to tell the story of every piece she sells. As a history major, she researches her merchandise carefully and provides her customers with not just the actual object, but how it was used, where it came from, how old it is and what sort of life it may have led. Providing a "story" with each purchase gives her clients their own stories to tell and is educational as well as providing a richer buying experience.

Her favorite things in her home is a Stickley chest they had made to match the quilted maple top of his favorite guitar; a collection of 19th century sea and landscapes by Adolphus Knell, Robert Hope and others; and a Georgia sideboard which is otherwise unremarkable except that it bears the scratches of an optimistic kitten who tried and tried to jump on top of it and largely failed. Many finer pieces have passed through their hands but this particular piece has immense sentimental value.

Sue says she is delighted to see an upsurge of interest from younger people in "traditional" antiques. Sue has an eclectic style and is convinced that buying good pieces will happily co-exist with modern and traditional, and even mixed colors and styles, if they are united by a craftsmanship and pride of execution.

While collecting antiques for resale takes a large part of her time, she also loves to cook, mainly in the French style, which she picked up while living in Paris. Being a librarian at one time, she loves books and reading, and also volunteers at the North Fulton Community Charities, sorting and arranging books in their Roswell thrift shop. 

Sue and her husband, Chris, are English and have traveled extensively and spent three glorious years living in Paris and studying art history. She is a history major and has an extensive library which includes many reference works she uses to research her treasures. Sharing these stories with her clients is her greatest pleasure.

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