Sunday, December 16, 2018

Gift Guide & Holiday Decorating from the Queen

It’s that time of year again . . . when everyone gets in the decorating spirit first and then moves on to choosing gifts for their friends and family second. Can you say, busy?

You might be the one in the neighborhood that “decks the halls” to the hilt, or the one that puts out your favorite decorations and calls it a day or what I like to call “Christmas Lite.” Since our boys are living out of state, we have found it very cathartic to pick out the decorations that mean the most to us and not bring down all 40 boxes from the attic. Don’t get it wrong, we thoroughly enjoy the holidays and love seeing all the decorations in our friends and family’s homes, we just take the more relaxed approach!

Now when it comes to gift giving, we might be over the top. Are you one that puts a lot of thought into it, or do you buy what is popular? Do you give gifts that you would like to receive yourself?

As you get older and wiser, we tend to give practical gifts. Some that come to mind are dishtowels, candles, glassware, and holiday themed decorations. This time of year inspires all of us to be creative with a little bit of practicality thrown in. The Queen is a great place to shop for gifts for anyone on your list!

Some of the decorating trends this year are checked bows in black/white, black/red and tan/black, frosted holly stems. Vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations are very popular this year, including those wonderful silver tinsel trees. 

How many ceramic Christmas trees do you have? Our book club holiday dinner was last week, and the hostess, Alice had three ceramic trees – all different, but what a nice look having them sitting around the room giving off the light from the tiny lights, reminding all of us our childhood.

Nature seems to be popping up in holiday decorating this year. Pine trees cut into rustic leaning Christmas trees are flying out the door to adorn mantels and tables. These paired with the checked bows make for a very homey, warm look in any home. Burlap is still in the mix pairing well with mercury glass deer and candleholders, rocking the rustic meets modern look. 

Customers always share with us their love for our wide selection of holiday décor.One dealer-merchant will display all vintage Christmas ornaments and collectibles while another will go more modern with all teal colored glass ornaments and silver bows. It is always a fun time at the Queen of Hearts with all 500+ dealer-merchants decking their booths with their versions of the holiday season!

Stacey Anderson is the owner of all three Queen of Hearts locations in Alpharetta, Buford and Marietta. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see more items for the holidays!

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