Saturday, September 27, 2014

Decorating your Home for FALL! Guest blog from A Bit of Décor

When we think about decorating our homes for fall, we think of heavy fabrics and darker colors. When we come out of the summer heat, we want to cool down; we want to change things up.  Don’t get me wrong we love the summer and the bright colors, but there is something about fall that makes us want to change it up and bring that sense of home and comfort back into our lives. So what do we do it? How can we make our homes reflect ourselves and the themes for the fall?

Darker fall colors can be added in the throws or pillows that you use, or through decorative accents you might add to your home. Throws can add texture through knits like cable, faux fur, or even a depth in the nap of the fabric. A pillow can be something that you can throw on a chair, or on the floor even, close to the fireplace. Look at the basic colors that you have throughout your home, and pick a darker color to coordinate with those colors in your rooms. Many decorate or update just a room, or a few rooms, you can easily do it throughout your whole home. Think about it – add a throw to your bed, or the chair in your room, or even in your home office. Just add one ruby red, mustard yellow, bright orange or deep purple fall colored pillow or set of decorative items on your end tables.

Many of the decorating books and magazines serve up examples with each season. There are always the predictable, but use your creative side and sense of whimsy to update your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to do, especially if you know what you're looking for. Here are some ideas:

Better Homes and Gardens presents this view with the addition of fabrics, throws and pillows.

Adding just a fall themed pillow will add that sense of whimsy and accent for your home. Check out the dark colored ruby red chair and we LOVE this acorn pillow!

A Bit of Décor at Queen of Hearts – Antiques & Interiors in Marietta, GA offers a variety of throws, accents, along with pillows and general ideas to help with your decorating for fall.  All of the dealers at Queen of Hearts have many things available as well to accent your home for fall and the upcoming holidays - come in and take a look!

This blog was written by dealer Amy Ahrens, of A Bit of Décor (WACL) on Calhoun St in Marietta - like her page on Facebook to see all of her fabulous finds!

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