Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dealer Feature: The Painted Hammer, Audrey Wood & Shane Levin

Each month we featured our great dealers in our blog, to give a little background on them, how they got started at The Queen, and what trends they are seeing! Meet Audrey Wood and Shane Levin, siblings who just became dealers at the Alpharetta Queen of hearts in January. They are located on S. Battery St, dealer code SLAW. Visit their Facebook page The Painted Hammer, to see all of their amazing items!

The sibling team behind The Painted Hammer, Audrey & Shane, has always had talent. One day, Audrey asked Shane to build a bookshelf she had sketched out. He did, then she painted it. Then she asked him to build another, which she also painted. Then she asked for a set of wooden blocks. All of these things were for her kids, and Uncle Shane happily complied. He then took on larger projects and built a mini kitchen, a play table, and a Lego table. Another set of blocks too.

At some point late in 2013, Audrey started thinking about their talents, how amazing things happened when they paired up, and what if they investigated going in on a booth at the Alpharetta Queen of Hearts? She had been shopping at The Queen for 15 years, she knows how to merchandise & style, Shane can build her designs, and so on. And then 30 seconds later (it seemed), they were set to move into their space on S. Battery Street!

Audrey treats the space at the Queen the same way she treats every space she works with, in her own home and for clients. She has a defined core color palette: black, white/cream, brown, blue, and red. She has a defined style as well, which influences all of her purchases and designs: eclectic bohemian vintage chic. Audrey also has a magical sense of styling, so she places and groups items in a way that allows browsers to see items and imagine them in their own home.

When Audrey is asked how others can define their own color palette and style, she always suggests taking an adored pillow or painting, and using the colors and style from there to get started!

Stop by and visit them at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta, dealer code SLAW on S Battery St, and Like their page The Painted Hammer! You can also visit their blog The Painted Hammer or follow them on Instagram.

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