Monday, April 13, 2015

Queen Dealer Spotlight - Linda Howard of Chic Country Atlanta

Each month we will be doing a blog about one of our dealer-merchants from each of our three stores that offers unique, one-of-a-kind antiques and merchandise for your home and garden. We have a lot of creative, savvy and talented dealers and we thought you would enjoy getting to know them!

Linda Howard (Dealer Code CCA) of Chic Country Atlanta is located on King and Queen Street in our Alpharetta store. She specializes in handpicked artwork, interesting "new country" look with special antique pieces, rugs and accessories, and seasonal decorations for your farmhouse, whether contemporary or country. She also offers redesign services for your home.

Linda has been a dealer-merchant at the Queen of Hearts for three years and loves her customers and enjoys talking to them and helping them with some of their ideas. Her favorite items to sell are oil paintings, antique and vintage furniture, interesting rugs, seasonal decorations, and decorative smalls to enhance the "New Country Look."

One of the favorite things in her home is her Queen Headboard, which is just a vintage iron gate positioned sideways. Another favorite item is a cool Pie Safe which is all original with some hints of red and blue showing through the natural wood. She also has a wall of oil paintings she has collected that reminds her of her travels and gives her a lot of pleasure. She especially loves the New Country trends, which are cleaner and less cluttered than years gone by. Even Christmas/Holiday decorations are in the “less is more” design.

Besides her love for collecting antiques and interior decorating, she loves cooking and entertaining, as well as traveling, which has included many trips to St. Croix, as well as Africa and Italy. She also enjoys teaching piano as a hobby now, although at one time was her full time job for over 30 years.

Linda has been married for 48 years, and has two grown girls and two wonderful son in laws, three grandchildren who are girls, and one grandson in law. Linda grew up in Connecticut, lived in Florida for 15 years and moved to Georgia in 1996.

Linda and her husband can usually be found at our many Late Night events along with their dog, Angel. You can find more of her great merchandise on her Facebook page at ChicCountryAtlanta.

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