Sunday, April 19, 2015

Queen Dealer Spotlight - Richard Gay, dealer GAYA

Each month we will be doing a blog about one of our dealer-merchants from each of our three stores that offers unique, one-of-a-kind antiques and merchandise for your home and garden. We have a lot of creative, savvy and talented dealers and we thought you would enjoy getting to know them! Richard Gay (Dealer Code GAYA) in our Marietta store sells original Audubon bird prints and other artwork including antique oil paintings, furniture, accessories and some china. His booth is located on Ashley Street and he has been dealer with us for the past two years. He first had a booth in our Alpharetta store but decided to concentrate only in our Marietta store, because it is closer to his home.

In addition to selling antiques, Richard can do appraisals and authentication of John J. Audubon Birds of Americas prints. His favorite antique piece in his home is a burly walnut Secretary with glass top bookcase and his private collection of Audubon and other historical noted bird print artists prints. Richard is currently single and has three grandchildren. He has been a collector of antiques and artwork for over 50 years. He entered the antique business after selling his executive “headhunting” search business after 35 years. Prior to that he was a Corporate Human Resources Director for various industries. After a brief stint as an interior design consultant, he decided to focus on selling antiques and artwork from his private collection and other acquisitions in 2002 and has sold in a number of antique galleries, malls and weekend shows at Scott’s, Lakewood, etc. 

Richard is always bringing new merchandise into the Queen and enjoys meeting and talking with our customers. Be sure to look for him on Ashley Street.

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