Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trends in Home Decorating: Spring Fling Edition

It's almost springtime, with our 8th annual Spring Fling just around the corner! Here are some of the trends for 2017 that you might be seeing from our dealers - cheery colors, mixed patterns and happy motifs - plus a few unexpected twists

Green With Envy
Named the 2017 Pantone Color Of The Year, Greenery is meant to represent refreshment and revitalization. Dark shades of green will become the new must-have dark interior color as we say goodbye to navy and midnight blues. You can also incorporate this color into your home through cute succulent plants, and other plant accents.

A symbol of both grace and optimism, the butterfly is no longer just for kids rooms (or a staple of the 90’s) but now being celebrated as a sophisticated decorating accent.

Mixed Patterns & Textures

We also saw this in 2016 and it continues into 2017! Mix different patterns and textures by pairing a velvet floral with a burlap pattern.

Cork is Back

You heard it here first – cork is making a comeback. Not only is cork a stylish material idea that adds warmth and texture to spaces, it’s also ideal for absorbing noise in our increasingly large, open plan homes.

Marble Madness
If all things marble are the key to your design-loving heart, but the downfall of your bank account, try marble wallpaper, which has seen an explosive 303 percent increase in interest on Pinterest. Splurge on a large marble piece, like a coffee table, or collect marble accent pieces to place around your home.

All of these ideas can be found at the Queen Of Hearts – just have one of our amazing staff members helps you bring it to life! And join us March 23-26 for our Spring Fling Garden Party to see more trends!

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