Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bedroom finds from the Queen: Guest post from a Queen customer

Our last blog post in February is a guest post is from Lauren Harris, a favorite customer at the Queen of Hearts, and a blogger for 'A Vintage Affair'. Lauren has done many blog posts incorporating items she has purchased from the Queen of Hearts into her home, and is even working on a nursery blog because she is expecting a baby! Because February is focused on redecorating the bedroom, we are sharing Lauren's blog posts when she redecorated her guest bedroom in June of 2012, and the bedroom of their beach house in May 2012.

Published on Friday, June 29 2012

I have been so excited about this bedroom change in our home. I always like the back guest bedroom, but something about it felt too country and dated to me. I wanted an updated, yet still vintage look. I also wanted more patterns and color. Here is what the room looked like before:

Here is the after:

The bottles on top of the armoire, the picture over the bed, the floral candelabra, and the small teal table by the chair are all from Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta.

Published on Wednesday, May 16 2012

These are a few of my favorite things; monograms, distressed furniture, beautiful fabrics, unique lighting, and bringing the outdoors in!

When I had the chance to decorate our bedroom at the beach, I wanted to incorporate all of these things. I wanted a nautical, vintage feel, with a clean and preppy touch here and there. After long searches for the perfect accessories and lighting, and countless hours with the sander and paintbrush, I finally accomplished what I had set out to create. The accessories I choose are pieces that you might find at the beach, on a boat, or at an old fishing pier.

The nightstands were found at Queen of Hearts, an antique store in Alpharetta, Ga. The drawers were sanded and kept natural, and the body was painted navy. I also found the large shutters that I used for the headboard for a great deal at my favorite booth at Queen of Hearts. They were originally red. I used CoCo Annie Sloan paint and dark wax to finish them. The best part of chalk paint is that there is no sanding involved!


The piece that took me forever to find was the dresser. I just could not find the right size and style for the space for the RIGHT PRICE! I finally came across the piece I ended up using at Queen of Hearts. It was built in the late 1800s and weighs a ton! It was originially hunter green. I used the same CoCo chalk paint and used the dark wax to “antique” the new coat of paint. I then put a coat of clear wax over the piece to protect the paint.

While the room has a vintage feel, the bedding and pillow fabrics help to give it a modern touch. I am so happy to finally be done with the room so that we can relax and enjoy the space!

Read more from Lauren Harris's blog at 'A Vintage Affair', or follow her on Pinterest for more great home decorating ideas!

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