Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boudoir Before & After: Guest Post from a Queen Dealer

Each month we are inviting a customer, dealer or staff member at the Queen of Hearts to do a blog post for the Queen of Hearts! This guest post is from a Queen of Hearts dealer/merchant, Linda Howard, of Chic Country Atlanta (CCA) on Battery Street in Alpharetta and Meeting Street Marietta.

Queen of Hearts Bedroom Makeover

Recently I felt inclined to redecorate our master bedroom. I started with a neutral palette: boring beige! Bedding, carpet, and walls, were all shades of beige! My favorite piece in the bedroom was the antique iron gate that I had purchased from the Queen of Hearts Alpharetta, that I hung sideways to serve as the headboard.

Pink is very trendy right now, and you can see it in various shades in all of the decorator magazines. So with that color palette in mind, I decided to accent the beige room with my Mom’s favorite color, from the 50’s, PINK! 

I began with the idea of finding pink pillows for the head of our bed and found the perfect pink and beige striped pillows from Queen of Hearts. I refreshed the bed by purchasing three of these, slightly overlapping them over each other. Then I purchased two solid pink smaller pillows for in front of the larger ones, also purchased from the Queen of Hearts. Things were looking good, but I wanted a little masculinity amongst all the added PINK! 

Solution: I had a burlap square pillow at home, and I added it to my pillow mixture. Burlap is a big trend, which you see at the Queen of Hearts all the time, and I knew this would break up the pink and give a new texture to the mix. To dress this burlap pillow up, I added a pink and gold tone vintage pin in the center of it (You can purchase vintage pins at any Queen of Hearts if you like this idea).

Now, because I love eclectic and shabby chic things, I wanted to add some of that to my mix. I had an antique quilt that had a lot of pink in it, along with blue and green, and I folded it and added to the bottom of the bed as a much needed throw.

Lastly, I purchased a PINK, shabby chic small rocker, from Queen of Hearts, Alpharetta. This was the finishing touch!

If you like the way my bedroom turned out, why not start your own neutral palette today, and go hunting for some treasures to bring your bedroom together? It's an easy (and fairly cheap) way of updating your bedroom for the new year! Happy shopping (hunting) and I hope to see you at Queen of Hearts! 


  1. You can most definitely design any room in your house with the great pieces you can find at any Queen of Hearts location.

  2. This turned out great! I love the stripped pillows and the little pink rocker :) you should stop by my linky party and post some of these great finds! Here's the URL:
    Everyone is welcome, so send your friends too! have a lovely day and again, great job on the bedroom!