Friday, February 15, 2013

Monthly Feature at the Queen

Hi guys! It's Sarah from {Home-ology} modern vintage here to feature more of the Queen's talented dealers and the awesome finds they are constantly bringing in. There's some great stuff to be had this month!

Since it's February, the month of LOVE, I'm going to highlight a few finds that would be great additions to a bedroom in need of some updating. These finds are from the Queen's Buford and Alpharetta locations.

Starting off with one of my most favorite finds of the month is this unique set of gradient carpet samples. I w.a.n.t. them. Now. For my own. Yes, I have a crush on them, and I'm not ashamed. I can't help but drool over the luxurious little tufts of gradual color and the fact that they weren't meant to be so beautiful, but they are.

Spotted at the Buford location in DBW's booth, these panels are a great pop of color that will work with any color palette without overwhelming the room. Go get them before I can resist no longer.

Oh, and while you're at it, head over to the Alpharetta Queen to add this awesome table in as a bedstand.


So cool. This piece is made of ancient cedar wood. I love the organic feel of this petrified piece mixed with the modern glass top. So creative. From dealer LAG {Alpharetta}.

Moving from modern to vintage, I am also in love with this beautiful display for a vintage bedroom.


As much as I love modern, I also have a soft spot for this sweet vintage look. So soft and delicate in its colors and textures. Love how they used an old window as the frame and backed it with a beautifully faded wallpaper. This creative find can be found in DI's booth {Buford location}.

And I would totally want to add this beautiful mantle-made-into-shelf to my vintage boudoir. It just speaks cozy. This is in Dealer LOLA's booth {Buford location}.

Lastly, I found the perfect accessory for your vintage bedroom, these French riding boots. These would be the finishing touch for a bit of French flair. From the talented David, dealer ATK {Alpharetta}.

So there you have it, my favorite finds for February - the month of love, and the perfect month to make a few updates to your bedroom.

Bedrooms are such a personal space. It's the one room in the house where you are allowed to express yourself to the fullest. Take advantage of that freedom by really letting your personality shine. This room is where you start your day and where you end your day. You spend more hours in your bedroom than you do any other place in the home. Make it yours!

This is a guest post from Sarah Krouse at {Home-ology} modern vintage. As well as being a dealer in our Alpharetta location, Sarah blogs over at If you enjoyed reading her post and would love to see more, we encourage you to stop by her blog. There you'll see many of her vintage finds in their raw stage, get a story of where they came from, and see transformations of the pieces she revives and repurposes prior to their display at the Queen. Sarah also blogs over at - a lifestyle blog for women of a "certain age."

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  1. Hello Sarah! I am just delighted to see my carpet color samples in your blog. Thank you for the shout out. They are scrumptious, aren't they. Let me know if you truly want them and I can give you a good price. Sea Witch - I Need This, Antiques