Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fabulous Finds, Tremendous Treasures - ALPHARETTA

This guest blog is by Cindy Rich, a third generation picker of antiques/appraiser and loves all things vintage. She has been interested in antiques for as long as she can remember, and feels that every piece she finds comes from somewhere and was loved by someone! She will be visiting each store once a month for an Appraisal Night With Cindy Rich from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Bring your treasures and meet Cindy Rich, a certified appraiser. A voluntary $5 charity donation is requested for each item!

Upcoming Dates are:

  • Marietta: SECOND THURSDAY of each month - July 10 - August 14
  • Alpharetta: THIRD THURSDAY of each month - June 19 - July 17 - August 21
  • Buford: LAST THURSDAY of each month - July 31 - August 28
My first visit to the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta this past Thursday Night for the monthly Meet the Appraiser Night gave me pause to see all that their customers and patrons of the store had to offer.

My evening began with a lady, who had lost her mom and grandmother over 10 years ago, and had some (20) items for me to look at that she feels she needs to "rehome" ... I saw gorgeous vintage enamel tea pots, crystal dishes, vintage serving trays, a beautiful vintage quilt over 80 years old, and a few pieces of vintage pottery - each one any collector would be proud to display, use, or just have as their "go to" items for the holidays.

I then met a gal from Suwanee that brought me some very old pieces that she is in the process of selling to collectors - paintings with hand-carved frames, a 100 year old map that has been given new life and matted and give a place of honor in her home, and vintage carvings of wood that would be a privilege to own and display in anyone's home. Their obvious Roman flair with the meticulous hand - carving rivals anything we'd mass produce today, and the hand-painting with original paint, made these true treasures that will be envied for time and eternity.

I had a gentleman who had a painted "tin" painting that was framed in a hand-carved, hand- painted frame that was in his family for over 80 years, and continues to retain that something special" persona about it... It is something that he will hang in his home and pass along to his daughter when she marries someday.

Finally, I had the pleasure to meet a young lady that showed me a table with chairs that she gave "new life" to while keeping the original tapestry fabric of linen. The roman-style chair that she showed me has the realm of strength, family, and health... she is going to find this treasure a new "home" and now has a story to pass down along with this lovely.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening that came to an end all too soon, and i left with the knowledge that everyone i had the pleasure to meet went away with a smile, a story, and a love for their pieces in ways they never's what brings them back to the Queen... "it's that something-different" that the store and its vendors offer..."history for the home."

See you next month! - Cindyanna

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