Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fascinating Finds & Tremendous Treasures - MARIETTA

This guest blog is by Cindy Rich, a third generation picker of antiques/appraiser and loves all things vintage. She has been interested in antiques for as long as she can remember, and feels that every piece she finds comes from somewhere and was loved by someone! She will be visiting each store once a month for an Appraisal Night With Cindy Rich from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Bring your treasures and meet Cindy Rich, a certified appraiser. Please limit your items to 3 items and a voluntary $5 charity donation is requested for each item!

Upcoming Dates are:

  • Marietta: SECOND THURSDAY of each month - July 10 - August 14
  • Alpharetta: THIRD THURSDAY of each month - June 19 - July 17 - August 21
  • Buford: LAST THURSDAY of each month - July 31 - August 28
Thursday night at the Queen in Marietta was nothing short of a "take my breath away" visit. I was blessed with so many smiling faces, and beautiful things, I was in awe. My time began a bit early at 5:15 PM and stayed on 'til the last customer just before 7:45pm.

I saw some vintage rugs that were easily over 80 years old, and while one was a bit more "cherished" than the other, both were spread out on the floor, and everyone who saw them were amazed, and appreciated the fine quality, texture, and life that each of them brought to the room. You could just imagine the space it took up, those who walked upon it, and how many holiday gatherings it saw.

I also had a gentleman who brought in a Tiffany piece that was an old bowl from the 40's and it was well worth the $6 find he brought to me.. I had done a bit more research when i returned home, and found it right in the amount i shared with him - which was approximately $250 - 350. Given time, it could well command a prettier penny. Although, I think he will be holding on to that one with both hands.

I had some gorgeous paintings, some pencil charcoal drawings, and even a bit of ivory jewelry. I was pleased to see a piece of Gorham silver from early 40's - 50's... it was a child's yoyo. Yes, I said, yoyo. It held up its beauty and stood the test of time. That gentleman had a wonderful eye, and a heart of true gold - he is one who treasures the past, and stops his finds from finding their way to the scrap yard. He is truly a preservationist of History.

As my night ended, I listened as the folks left me, and i was taken aback in how much i love what i do, how much i enjoyed my first time in Marietta, and just how much i love seeing the people come out and share with me all their findings... It is my pleasure to be able to touch pieces of the past, learn from the people, listen to the stories, and treasure all they have for me. It is truly a precious gift.

I have always enjoyed my trips as a customer to the Queen, and have purchased many items lately from the various stores to add the beauty of the rejuvenation of my kid's rooms. Each piece we have hand-selected tells a story all it's own, and now, it will include its time in our home.

What does the Queen of Hearts provide it's customers Pleasant shopping, fabulous finds, and tremendous treasures.

What does the customer gain from those pieces? A new piece of history for their family and added warmth and charm for their home.

See you next month! - Cindyanna

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